Octopus Brainstorming 2015 - Present (Personal Project)

Octopus Brainstorming is a series of collaborative works with professor and neuroscientist Mark Cohen, who created and co-directs the UCLA/Semel NeuroImaging Training Program. Together we are exploring the possibilities of brain to brain communication. For me, these are part of a larger area of research into the physical associates of mental processes such as emotions and feelings. It was first presented at the Beall gallery of Art + Technology at UC Irvine as part of the retrospective exhibition of a decade of collaboration with nanoscientist James Gimzewski. It has evolved since to include the idea of embodied intelligence in the form of an octopus crown worn by participants. Recently we received the UCLA Transdiciplinary grant which is helping us realize this project fully.

Brainstorming: Empathy is a performance/experience work presented first at the Grand Opening of the UCLA Luskin Conference center on October 7, 2016.
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Brainstorming: Turing celebrated Alan Turing centennial.
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  • January 10 - 14

    Octopus Brain Storming at the LA Art Fair! View Here

  • 2017

  • November 16

    Opening reception for the IASAS Synaesthesia symposium, UCLA Art Sci gallery, Building Bridges Art Exchange, BBAX, Santa Monica, CA

  • October 19

    Opening reception for the IASAS Synaesthesia symposium. Art Sci gallery, CNSI.

    Octopus BrainStorming, Live experimental EEG performance, in collaboration with neuroscientist Mark Cohen

  • October 7th

    Octopus Brain Storming (in collaboration with neuroscientist Mark Cohen): UCLA Luskin conference center grand opening.

  • September 14 - 16

    Exhibitions: Artium Speculum festival, Trbovlje, Slovenia

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