Water Bodies 2006 - Present (Personal Project)

Waterbodies.org is an extension of “Water Bowls” artwork installation “to a network of others working in the same realm.” The concept approaches from the micro-macro point of view by employing the idea of the fourth state of water – “neither liquid, ice or vapor but ‘in an between molecular state’ - as an overarching framework and uses ports as human network nodes.

Every one of us has a Water Body that we are emotionally connected to – a river, lake, ocean, sea or even a stream. But it may not be located where we reside and the idea is to gather people who are connected to the particular water body to share stories, information and be aware of its current state.

Focusing on the complexity of water and the characteristics involved in the social networks around water, I collaborate with Claudia Jacques who is interested to expand this view so that in time waterbodies.org can translate data into knowledge, generate new knowledge relationships via data visualization, and bring human and water resources together across institutional, geographic, cultural, artistic, technological, and scientific boundaries.

It is with the goals of developing social networks focused on water and generating new knowledge about water through these relationships in order to expand collective consciousness about water that we feature a new Water Keeper every Lunar Cycle. In addition to adding their own projects, they add / invite other people who he/she considers important in work related to water.

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  • Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, New York City, NY, September 22nd, 2011 – March 25th, 2012
  • Microwave International New Media Arts Festival, Hong Kong, November 13th – 22nd, 2009
  • Feedback / Feedforward, Laboral Gallery, Gijon, Asturias, March 21st –July 30th, 2007
  • Second Natures, Opening of the Broad Art Center, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, September 13th – October 26th, 2006
  • Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition and Symposium, Code Blue, Millennium Museum Premiere, Beijing, China, May 2006
  • Organized Symposium, “4th State of Water”, UCLA, CNSI, Los Angeles, CA, March 22nd – 23rd, 2006

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