[Alien] Star Dust 2019 - Present (Personal Project)

Star dust is 1/10th of a width of a human hair and 100 tons falls on earth every single day and they hold the mystery of our cosmic roots. Micrometeorite hunters are presented with the challenge of finding a space spherule in the midst of the human made dust, mostly pollution. It is truly as if one was looking for a needle in a hay stack. But this became interesting to the artist – collecting samples of dust in various locations and comparing the composition of dust that we breathe in daily, including possibly a space dust occasionally. Earthly wind and weather move around the planet these dust particles and it is more and more complicated to understand and predict the movement or consequence with climate disruptions.

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Exhibitions & Meditations


  • July 21 - November 15

    [Alien] Star Dust travels with the COSMOLOGICAL ELEMENTS exhibition, Times Art Museum (Beijing) LINK

  • February 10

    Group [ALIEN] STAR DUST is part of COSMOLOGICAL ELEMENTS at Fosun Foundation in Shanghai - with an addition of an actual meteorite from the Chinese Astronomical Society LINK

  • 2022

  • December 27 - January 20

    REALITY RELOADED, Contemporary Art gallery Pančevo, Serbia

  • November 26 2022 - January 2023

    NTU Global Digital Art Prize Exhibition, Singapore, LINK, (award) LINK

  • 2021

  • Nov 11 - Dec 7

    Exhibition: Alien Star Dust installation and performance at CYFEST21: International Media Art Festival:Cosmos & Chaos. View Here

  • August 25

    [Alien] Star Dust Signal to Noise Online Meditation View Here

  • June 21

    Alien Star Dust: Summer Solstice meditation with Clarissa Ribeiro for South America View Here

  • 2020

  • Dec 21 - Dec 22

    24-hour online guided meditation and performance, Installation and performance streamed live from the Integratron, Landers CA source View Here

  • September 13

    NHM Alien Star Dust meditation

    Ars Electronica: Telluric Vibrations Garden. View Here

  • July 25

    BEYOND festival, ZKM

    Special edition: Climate Change | Symposium: Artists for the Future

    Film Festival (performance) Video – intro (Alien Star Dust 5min)

  • July 7

    [July 7] [Alien] Star Dust by Victoria Vesna

    Signal to Noise, a guided meditation journey bringing to life the sensations of meteorites and micro-meteorites falling on all continents and mixing with the anthropogenic dust falling on our planet from many dimensions.

    ONLINE @ YouTube Live

  • April 17

    [Alien] Star Dust – Raw Science film festival

    Festival Page | postponed due to COVID 19

  • March 11 - October 5

    Premiere of [Alien] Star Dust at the Natural History Museum, Vienna NHM Vienna

  • 2019

  • November 2

    5th Art & Science International Exhibition and Symposium

    Opening keynote lecture at Tsignhua University, Beijing

    “We are [Alien] Star Dust: macro micro AI and Life”

    Exhibition of Bird Song Diamond, National Museum of China, Beijing, China

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