Panels + Workshops + Symposiums (2004 - 2021)


Hosting panel with Anuradha Vikram -- Art Sci: Post Reductionist Scientists: What are the benefits and challenges for scientists collaborating with artists? Intersections 2021 – NAS: National Academy of Sciences / Getty, October 21

Hosting panel: COLOR LIGHT MOTION: featuring artist Sally Weber October 2

Panel: POM (Politics of the Machines), Berlin. Intervention 01 “The Quantum Biology of Politics” organized by Clarissa Ribeiro, Mick Lorusso with the UCLA Art Sci Collective September 16

Ars Electronica | Vibrations Matter Day 5, September 12

Curating Noise SFSIA, Curating Noise - Talk with Anuradha Vikram, August 21

Co-hosting with Patricia Olynyk, LASER- Medicine + Media Arts “EXPLORING THE TISSUE OF EXISTENCE”, August 19

Co-hosting with Patricia Olynyk, LASER as part of the Medicine + Media Arts initiative: The Spectacular Body. With Patricia Olynyk (co-host) Stelarc, Piroska Kopar, Rebecca Messbarger, Siddharth Ramakrishnan, July 16

Aesthetics and Ethics in the Digital Age, Open University, UK Talk, 4PM, July 8

Hosting Color, Light, Motion panel, Episode 4 featuring Anne Niemetz, June 12

Hosting Color, Light, Motion panel, Episode 2 Featuring David Familian and Karen Moss, March 27

Hosting with Satinder Gill, Chrysi Nanou and Prerona Prasad, LASER, Cambridge, UK, March 25

Hosting Anna Nacher workshop: Breathe to Flow, March 20

Vibrations Matter: the Art & Science of Deep Listening Introductory talk – Yangchenma Arts, March 16

The Benton Museum of Art: Art and Science as Storytelling, February 18

Co-hosting with Patircia Olynyk, LASER: Medicine + Media Arts Talk introducing the Medicine + Media Arts initiative and Advisory Board, February 4

LASER: Art and Atmospheric Science A discussion about Public Art and Atmospheric Science with Dr. Andrea Polli, Dr. Suzanne Paulson and Emily Womack, January 21


Panel organizer: UCLA LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous) “How to Spend the Afterlife” a discussion between Carolyn Campbell and Michael Webb, November 23

Panel organizer: UCLA LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous) “Ecology of Sound” featuring Bill Fontana, George Quasha, Nina Waisman, Anna Nacher John Bealieu, and Carlo Ventura, October 29

Panel: VIBRATIONS, FREQUENCIES & ECOTISTICAL ART SCI, Anna Nacher, Martina Fröschl, Robertina Šebjanič, Yolande Harris and Ari Frieadlander, Contemporary Centre Laznia, October 2

Panel: Invisible Entanglements with Cristina Albu, Ars Electronica: In Kepler’s Gardens / Telluric Vibrations, September 12

Panel: LASER: Cyland Saint Petersburg, Space and Chaos, Ars Electronica In Kepler’s Gardens September 12

Panel co-chair: AI x Humanity, panel co-chair with Rasha Abdul-Rahim, Adam Harvey, Nye Thomson, Ars Electronica Kepler’s Gardens, September 12

Panel: Leonardo / ISAST: Nano Provocations, Ars Electronica In Kepler’s Gardens, September 10

Panel: Decolonizing AI, Ars Electronica In Kepler’s Gardens September 10

Panel co-organizer: UCLA LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous), Jennifer Moon, Lauren McCarthy, Refik Anadol and Mashinka Firunts Hakopian, January 9.


Organizer / curator: Sound + Science 2.0 symposium, May 2, 3, UCLA CNSI


Artist talk / panel – Art & Nature, November 3, Laguna Art Museum

Panel: INL Science & the Arts-- Summit: Nanotechnology: Enabler of a new economy, INL, Braga,Portugal October 16.

Panel: Challenges of Intermedia Education, September 13, Speculum Artium festival, Trbovlje, Slovenia

Artist talk and panel: GLOBART, September 12, Museum of Natural History, Vienna, Austria

Panel: Future Fest Forward: AI & Creativity, NESTA, June 14, London, UK


Organizer: Synaesthesia: what is the taste of color blue? Symposium and exhibition, UCLA CNSI, October 19th.

Panel: The Practice of Art & Science, PostCity conference stage, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria

Moderator, Panel: Feminist Climate Change: Beyond the Binary, September 9, Ursunensaal, Linz

Panel: Campus Educators Forum, AES and University of Art & Design, September 7, Linz


Hox Zodiac Lunch. Collaborations Symposium, Zürich University of the Arts, November 4, 1:30pm.

Panel: Presenting Prix Forum: Interactive Art + winners, OÖK Kulturquartier, Linz, Austria. September 10.

Panel: Vibrations Matter. Mladi Levi festival, Old Power station, Ljubljana, Slovenia. August 26th.

Bird Song Mimic: Exhibition and workshop (with Chuck Taylor and Joel Ong). TEAM Lab, Harvestworks, Governor’s Island, NY, June 25th.

Bird Song Mimic: NY > LA bird communication. Harvestworks, Del Ray Lagoon, LA (LA Currents Biennial), July 19th.

Workshop: “Performing the Animal”. (Professor Ruth Schnell’s class), April 4, 5 Angewandte – University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria Source

AROB: 21st International Symposium on Artificial Life and Robotics conference, Beppu, Japan, January 21 Bird Song Diamond mimic demo.


2015 Workshop / Dinner: Molecular Cuisine: Politics of Taste. Workshop with Suzanne Anker in conjunction with Leonardo Education Forum (LEAF) for the College Art Association (CAA), School of Visual Arts, New York, February 13.


2014 Panel: “Sense Data” w/ Mark Hansen (Duke), Aesthetics of Information Symposium, School of Architecture, Princeton University.


Panel: Art of Science, Science of Art, Montana State University, March 26 Performance: Brain Storming the Female Brain, Feminist Infrastructures and Technocultures. UC San Diego, April 19th

Book Launch & Symposium: Context Providers: Conditions of Meaning in Media. Harvestworks, New York. November 11. Source

“Water is in the Air” Proceedings and Video Recordings, Synergetica Lab. January, 13.


Organized symposium: Brain Storming Turing: celebrating the Alan Turing centennial. UCLA, CNSI, May 25th Participants (SECOND LINK - Source)

Organized symposium: “4th State of Water”. UCLA, CNSI. March 22, 23rd.
Panel: “Dialogues in Art & Architecture, Then, Now and Beyond”, Athenaeum Music & Arts Library in La Jolla, February 9th Source

Panel: “Momentum: Women/Art/Technology,” Rutgers Institute for Women and Art. February 23rd. Source

LEONARDO/OLATS – IMRA Workshop: Water is in the Air, IMERA, Marseilles. Source


Organized panel: New Generation of Scientists Speak, School of Creative Media, Hong Kong, November 3rd.

University of Barcelona, Department of Fine Arts: Art Making Creative Research Process. May.

“Vibrations Matter” Workshop. New York Electronic Arts Festival, Jun 29. Source

Path of an Art(scient)ist: Follow Your Heart, June. Imarte, University of Barcelona. Source


Lecture+Workshop: “Art & Science Collaborations: Being in Between,” Art & Science, University of Applied Arts, Vienna. Source

Symposium #6: Sonification (What, Where, How, Why), LOCUS SONUS audio in art, Ecole Superieure d’Art d’Aix en Provence. March. Source

Panel, New Media/New Terrain: Pioneering a PhD in Creative Research
Workshop, Vienna Academy of Applied Arts, Art | Sci graduate workshop. June 18.

Workshop, Santa Monica center of the Arts, Barcelona, Spain. October 2.

Workshop, ACM Multimedia conference, Florence, Italy, October 25.

New Media Caucus, CAA Conference, Chicago, Feb 12.


SOUND + SCIENCE symposium Source


Plenary panel, "Intersections of Art, Education and Technology." Second International Conference on the Arts in Society, University of Kassel, Germany, Aug 21 – 24.

Conference panel, "State of the Arts" Berkeley Art Museum / Pacific Film Archive and the UCIRA, UC Berkeley, CA, May 18.

Panel, "Women of Vision" Screening, UCLA Hammer Museum, June 3.

Panel Chair. "Ecology and Ethics of Art | Science Projects." 95th CAA Conference, New York. Feb 17.

Workshop, "Tesla: Visions + Inspirations."
UCLA Art | Sci Center and Lab, California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI), Los Angeles. June 8.


UCIRA State of the Arts conference, Art/Science/Technology panel. May 20.

ARCO '06 ARTE CONTEMPORANEO: Victoria Vesna participates on the panel "The Era of Posthuman Engineering" on Friday, February 10th, within the 4th International Contemporary Art Experts Forum. Feb.

CAA / LEONARDO SESSIONS: Leonardo/ISAST Mentoring Roundtable Panel. February 22.

Workshop, "Thinking Atoms." UCLA Art | Sci Center and Lab, Los Angeles. Apr 19.


Eco-Tistical Art. CAA, Atlanta, Georgia. February 17th.


Victoria Vesna & Randall Packer Workshop, Art Center Nabi Theater, May 6. Source

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