From the dinner table to Virtual Reality to ceramics

In the same month, I held a Hox Zodiac dinner, went to Longquan to learn about Chinese jade like celadon and premiered Bird Song Diamond at the largest VR space in the world. It is not about the media, it is about being the medium for the message. If you train to be a good medium, it is not about you either, but about what humanity needs to hear. Seems like we need to listen to the animals and develop a closer relationship.
painting Hox on ceramics

Just received this on We Chat from Chen Mo — there is a 50% chance that the ceramic breaks while firing so they had me paint two plates — both survived!



Art Sci retreat @ the Bermant foundation ranch in Santa Ynez, CA.

A few of Art Sci team made it to the retreat and we had so much fun! Mick Lorusso with his fiancee Frida (whose birthday we celebrated), Mary Tsang (who edited this video), Theresa (graphics), Ben Ward (web) and Marissa (my assistant) — both of whom made a full circle flips on the trampoline! The video was shot by Jim Gimzewski with his new parrot drone! Our agenda: cook, eat, hang out and think about how we are going to celebrate 10 years of Art Sci!


Working non-stop on an endless TO DO list… Getting ready for the Art, Sci & Tech class — so far 164 registered — with no advertising! January 9th, the UC DARnet show opens, then the North South event followed by exhibitions and Sound + Science symposium… So, to prepare appropriately, we are ushering in the New Year at the Integratron with an amazing event beginning with the Tibetan monks…

Austin in the Blue Morph with the Chakrasamvara

Austin in the Blue Morph with the Chakrasamvara