UC DARnet: Sharon Daniel

Sharon Daniel opened her exhibition to day at the Art | Sci gallery, California Nanosytems Institute.

I managed to get her over at the end of my Art Sci and Tech class to introduce her work and invite everyone to the opening. It was perfect for the topic of the week: Art & Medical Technologies and I saw a few students who walked the distance across campus to see the show.

University in Exile

Toni Dove just sent me this news about the New School and says: “Maybe the 60’s are back!” And I am thinking it is interesting to learn about the history of New School and the idea of University in Exile in relation to our education system as a whole. 

The New School was formed “to be a safe-haven for academic freedom and scholarship free of oppressive political regimes, be they in Europe or America, and to be a center for critical engagement with important issues of our times. It was known for its deep thinkers, its innovative academics, and its commitment to social and political justice as a bedrock of all other scholarship.”