Linda Weintraub hosted on of the first Hox Zodiac dinners..

Linda Weintraub hosted one of the first Hox Zodiac dinners at her home in Rheinbeck a long time ago. Now she hosted a small one with neighbors who shared the same meal. Wonderful gratitude gathering and once again we had Andy the magician wow us with his story of the rabbit out of the hat! Siddharth and I joined for a bit and then went off to host our dinner.

Nov 28 Hox Zodiac Gathering

My heart was warmed by friends who showed up for our multi-generational Hox Zodiac gratitude gathering! Special thanks to long term collaborator Siddharth who co-hosted with newborn Sivan. All shared great animal stories and we ate together — Patricia Olynyk shared filet mignon and cowbells, Yolande and Jasmin shared pomegranate seeds, Jim cooked up a shepard’s pie, Ellen a chard dish, Parry Bard had us singing Belafonte’s Banana song and Pat Badani wowed us all with her I Ching / spice creation!!! Happy Hoxlidays!!!

Nov 19 LASER

JOIN US for UCLA Art Sci Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous (LASER) on Nov 19. Authors Carolyn Campbell and Michael Webb discuss the inclusivity of cemeteries in which the tastes of the living are perpetuated for all time. The inevitably of death and environmental concerns contribute to a fascinating spectrum of burial grounds across the world that are pastoral, moving or surreal. Beginning with world-famous Père-Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, based on Campbell’s bestselling book, City of Immortals she and Webb illustrate their conversation with their personal photography collections. Within this important dialogue we will be invited to think critically about how we can simultaneously care for the deceased, the living, and our planet.