Telluric Vibrations Updates!

DECOLONIZING AI panel LIVE in 5 minutes!

MICROBIOME THEATER workshop with Mick Lorusso and Joel Ong LIVE NOW:

NANO PROVOCATIONS LIVE NOWNano Provocations: The Emergence of Multiplicity in 30 Second Flows – presented by Leonardo/ISASTAyen Kuol, Arya Agrawal, Kylee Hong, Vania Negrete, and special guest Dr. James Gimzewski, with Roger Malina, Joel Slayton, and Nina Czegledy

LIVE NOW: Sam Lilak presenting Diffraction and Wave-Particle Duality and Imaging Techniques: This workshop invites you to understand the duality of nature and utilize its interactions to achieve atomic resolution. You will be introduced to scale, waves and wave-particle duality, optical microscopes and UV-Vis spectroscopy, electron microscopy and diffraction, atomic imaging and scanning probe microscopy.

Showing WATER BODIES together with Claudia Jacques — introducing featured Water Keeper Yolande Harris with her collaborator, ecologist Ari Friedlaender.

Live Studio visit with Toni Dove!

LIVE now — Iman Person: NEW AIRInterested in herbalism and Urban Shamanism? Check out Iman’s work!

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