Tomorrow, Thursday, September 24, 8am PDT, 11am EST, 5pm CET, NOISE AQUARIUM meditation — every other breath you take is made by plankton. We may believe this or that, think to the left or to the right, but we all need to breathe…Presented by CCA LAZNIA as part of the “Studiotopia” projectsupported by European Union Creative Europe programme and the Weiner Rauscher festival in Vienna.

Telluric Vibrations Updates!

DECOLONIZING AI panel LIVE in 5 minutes!

MICROBIOME THEATER workshop with Mick Lorusso and Joel Ong LIVE NOW:

NANO PROVOCATIONS LIVE NOWNano Provocations: The Emergence of Multiplicity in 30 Second Flows – presented by Leonardo/ISASTAyen Kuol, Arya Agrawal, Kylee Hong, Vania Negrete, and special guest Dr. James Gimzewski, with Roger Malina, Joel Slayton, and Nina Czegledy

LIVE NOW: Sam Lilak presenting Diffraction and Wave-Particle Duality and Imaging Techniques: This workshop invites you to understand the duality of nature and utilize its interactions to achieve atomic resolution. You will be introduced to scale, waves and wave-particle duality, optical microscopes and UV-Vis spectroscopy, electron microscopy and diffraction, atomic imaging and scanning probe microscopy.

Showing WATER BODIES together with Claudia Jacques — introducing featured Water Keeper Yolande Harris with her collaborator, ecologist Ari Friedlaender.

Live Studio visit with Toni Dove!

LIVE now — Iman Person: NEW AIRInterested in herbalism and Urban Shamanism? Check out Iman’s work!

Clarissa Ribeiro LIVE NOW!“Transplanting the Self: microbiome anthropophagy”

Clarissa Ribeiro LIVE NOW!“Transplanting the Self: microbiome anthropophagy” (2018-present) is a reflection on the limits of microbiome manipulation inviting the online audience to become ‘personality donors’ in a collaborative performance. The work evokes ancient practices as the use of young virgins’ saliva in the production of ritualistic alcoholic drinks present in rituals of hunting or cannibalism of native Brazilian tribes.