Bread – An Art in itself

BioNanotech & Design – Baked bread for my students, talked about the art and science of bread making and was joined by Haytham Nawar describing his Bread Diaries project and teaching assistant Maru showing us how the make a perfect tortilla! No one left hungry 🙂


Octopus BrainStorming write-up

UCLA Newsroom

UCLA Newsroom featured Octopus BrainStorming:

For the last year, two professors from UCLA have been inviting people to take part in one of the most interesting conversations of their lives. The most recent setting was at a technology and art convention in Slovenia. In a darkened room two people each wore a ceremonial crown that resembled a fluorescent octopus, which covered brain-wave–reading electrodes attached to their heads. But the strangest part? The participants never uttered a word to each other.

Welcome to “Octopus BrainStorming,” a participatory performance art installation that combines the technology of neuroscience with an artistic interpretation of the type of communication exhibited by octopi. read more HERE