EMP good bye dinner!

Can’t believe it’s been 3 almost 3 months that I am here in Japan! So much has happened and I really connected to the culture, the people the energy of this magical country. I am so grateful to Hiroo Iwata who invited me to be Visiting Professor in the Empowerment Informatics Program (EMP) and really look forward to continuing the collaborations. Marvelous dinner in a gorgeous traditional house for the farewell dinner!



L to R seated: Enzaki, V, Hiroo, Kenji / standing: Hikaru, Aki, John, Maša, Aisen, Takeshi

From the dinner table to Virtual Reality to ceramics

In the same month, I held a Hox Zodiac dinner, went to Longquan to learn about Chinese jade like celadon and premiered Bird Song Diamond at the largest VR space in the world. It is not about the media, it is about being the medium for the message. If you train to be a good medium, it is not about you either, but about what humanity needs to hear. Seems like we need to listen to the animals and develop a closer relationship.
painting Hox on ceramics

Just received this on We Chat from Chen Mo — there is a 50% chance that the ceramic breaks while firing so they had me paint two plates — both survived!



Demo: Bird Song Diamond mobile @ AROB (January 21, 2016)

Room A

Chair: Takashi Ikegami
Co-Chair: Charles Taylor
  • OS2-1 Art at the edge of chaos: Life, Art, Swords and Japanese Textile
  • Amy Taylor
  • OS2-2 Automated Evolutionary Production of Audio-Visual Pieces — Can we call it Art?
  • Tasuo Unemi
  • OS2-3 The Art and Science of Artificial Life
  • Victoria Vesna, Takashi Ikegami
  • OS2-4 BIRD SONG DIAMOND: Call and Response and Phase Transition work
  • Aisen Chacin, Maša Jazbec, Itsuki Doi, Mizuki Oka et al.

Lecture at China Academy of Art, Hangzhou

This was a testament on how fast things move and respond in China! The day before I went to the Academy to see the excellent exhibition that was curated by Yao Dajuin and we went with students for drinks after. The next day I was already giving a talk with my daughter Gia translating!

IMG_7072 copy IMG_7076 copy

Here we are with her East “mom” (who brought flowers!), “sister” Annie and her friend.