Panel at Takamatsu media arts festival

Takamatsu Media Arts festival held in Tamamo Park Pavilion directed by Naohiro Ukawa who was born there. I was invited to join by Hideo Ogawa who was presenting 3 past Ars Electronica Prix winners (Stelarc, Alex Verhaest and Nelo Akamatsu and I was respondent on a panel with them. It was so much fun! All was being streamed live and very professionally by Ukawa’s team that was also an amazing discovery – Dommune!

IMG_6801 IMG_6800 IMG_6799


Probably no better way to get in touch with the Japanese media arts and connect with friends new and old. Gil Kuno gave a performance along with Yamakawa Fuyuki performing. Made me think of Alan Vega (Suicide days), Yoko Ono (early days) + Iggy Pop – exciting!

Takamatsu_dinner Takamatsu_w_Stelarc&Alex

And to find out that Stelarc is afraid of dentists!!! 🙂