25 years of AI & Society: journal of human centered systems & machine intelligence (Springer Verlag, UK)

MAY 25th:
noon – 5pm symposium
5-7pm art opening / reception
UCLA Art | Sci center @ California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI)


100 years passed since Alan Turing was born and we celebrate this historically important individual together with many organizations around the world. We look to show his eccentric creativity in addition to reminding all of the huge contribution he made to computation and artificial intelligence. Short talks by computer / neuro / nano scientists and humanists are accompanied by artists inspired by Turing’s legacy and persona. Additionally, students from UCLA will participate with their ideas of how Turing informs and inspires their work and lives in this time when social networking, robotics and automatic brains are part of daily life.

2012 also marks 25 years since the establishment of AI & Society journal that owes its formation to Turing's legacy. The Art | Sci center is partnering with this interdisciplinary publication to honor Turing and all those who have contributed over the years. A special issue based on the symposium is planned.

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Turing poster Design by Willem Henri Lucas