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Life in the Universe with Stephen Hawking - Co-producer/ Director CD-ROM / WWW

In Progress

Computers & the Intuitive Edge - CD-ROM / WWW
History of Art & Computing - CD-ROM / WWW
Terminals - CD-ROM / WWW

Educational Video


"Magdalene Odundo". University Art Museum, UCSB


"The Internal Language of the Brain Translated into Music". Xiadong Leng and Gordon Shaw, UCI
Produced for the Tesla Foundation Inc., Princeton NJ/ Irvine, CA:


S.A.F.E. System for Aneutronic Fusion Energy - UCI/Advanced Physics Corp.


Discovery of Strangeness - Dr. Murray Gell-Mann, Nobel Laureate
Discovery of Transuranium Elements - Dr. Glenn Seaborg, Nobel Laureate
The Science of Preventing Wars - The Physicist Who Changed Gorbachev's Mind
Biochemistry of Emotions - Norman Cousins
Seventh Wave - Papillon's escape from the Devil's Island and the Theory of Waves