Noise Aquarium 2016 - Present (Personal Project)

Plankton serve as one of the primary basis of the marine food chain and are as a result a crucial component of the Earth‘s ecosystem. Current literature and studies have demonstrated how different noise sources influence large marine life with striking examples such as images of stranded whales and dolphins. However, little have highlighted the possible impact on marvelous microscopic organisms such as plankton. Noise Aquarium spotlights animated 3D-models obtained with scientific imaging techniques of the extremely diverse plankton spectrum.
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Exhibitions & Meditations


  • November 29 - March 19,2022

    Noise Aquarium, Manhattan Pratt Gallery, New York

    “From Forces to Forms” Exhibition. Curated by Ellen K. Levy

  • September 8 | 9:00 am PST / 18:00 CET

    Noise Aquarium animations at Ars Electronica UCLA Art|Sci Garden 2021:

    “Atmosphere of Sound: Sonic Art in Times of Climate Disruption” Exhibition.

  • May 15

    Noise Aquarium, Fundaçao Eugénio de Alemeida , Lisbon, Portugal

    Alter(ação) / Alter(action) Exhibition. Curated by Marta Menezes

  • 2020

  • August 29 | 7PM

    Noise Aquarium, Trieste, Italy

    BOTH WAYS group exhibition. Curated by Maja Ćirić

  • August 29 to September 8

    VR Noise Aquarium at the Klang Moor Schopfe, Gais, Switzerland

    August 30, 8pm: Solo sound performance We are all animals

    September 1, 4pm: Artist talk and performance

  • August 27

    Video installation with plankton aquariums and AR prints

    Noise Aquarium at the aMORE festival, Pula, Croatia

  • September 24 | 8AM PDT | 17h CET

    Wiener Rauschen Audio Visual Festival, Angewandte Praxis, Vienna, Austria.

    Online NOISE AQUARIUM Meditation LIVE

  • September 18 – October 4

    Noise Aquarium. Contemporary Centre Laznia, Gdansk, Poland

  • 2019

  • January 25-27

    Raw Science Festival, Los Angeles, CA: Noise Aquarium — Best Mixed Reality Media (Art Installation)

  • May 27 to June 5

    Noise Aquarium at Vienna Biennale for Change 2019, Vienna, Austria

  • August 2 – 5

    VR Noise Aquarium at SIGGRAPH 2019

  • September 14 & 15

    Noise Aquarium 8K Deep Space exhibition at Paseo Art Festival in Taos, New Mexico

  • September 6 to 10

    Golden Nica Juror at Ars Electronica

    Noise Aquarium 8K Deep Space exhibition at Ars Electronica

  • 2018

  • April 13-14

    I Love Life symposium, Santa Fe Art Institute, New Mexico

  • May 4

    Noise Aquarium simultaneously at Cairotronica, Cairo, Egypt and in Nine Tomorrows, Powerlong Art Center, Hangzhou, China

  • May 4 – August 4

    Nine Tomorrows, Powerlong Art center, Hangzhou, China

  • June 5

    WEB3D Art gallery, On|Off 10010101010 symposium, Brisbane, Australia

  • September 12 - November 2

    West Windsor Art center gallery, STEAM series: [sin ‘Thedik] Landscape, Princeton, NJ

  • October 11-13

    Epilogue Video On|Off 10010101010 symposium, NTU, Singapore

  • November 4

    TEDX, Manhattan Beach, Mira Cost high school, CA

  • November 9 - 30

    New Art Fest 18, Lisbon, Portugal

  • November 21 - 22

    Visual Matter, EPICenter, Sydney, Australia

  • 2017

  • October 11 - 13

    Exhibition: Noise Aquarium – in collaboration with Alfred Vendl. Web3D Art gallery, on | off 100101010, Colliding and Surrendering – Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

    Singapore – organized by the center for Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS), School of the Art, Design and Media (ADM) and College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciencestion LIVE W

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