SINAPSE 2001 (Personal Project)

SINAPSE = Center for Social Interfaces and Networks Advanced Programmable Simulations and Environments.

SINAPSE will create an environment conducive to interdisciplinary collaborations by offering internal and external fellowships that will provide release time for UCLA faculty to pursue their research.

The fellowships will be announced as a competition for which all UCLA faculty are eligible. A small interdisciplinary committee of faculty associated with SINAPSE, whose members will serve for three-years terms and then rotate off, will evaluate the fellowship applications and decide upon the winners. These faculty will then be offered one-year fellowships at SINAPSE during which they can pursue their research. They will be expected to take up residence at the SINAPSE Institute and to participate in SINAPSE activities as specified below. To enhance the research community, each year there will also be a competition for an External Fellowship, the winner of which will also be given a one-year tenure at the Institute. Further enrichment will be achieved by offering a limited number of Graduate Institute Fellowships, which will carry no monetary award but will offer an office, staff support, and the intellectual stimulus of being part of the SINAPSE community. Additional enrichment will be achieved by offering office space and support staff for Visiting Fellows who will have their own funding but who will come to the SINAPSE Institute for its intellectual excitement and research resources, operating in this respect much as the Santa Fe Institute does.    Visit Website

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