Panels + Workshops (2005 - 2013)


Panel, New Media/New Terrain: Pioneering a PhD in Creative Research

Workshop, Vienna Academy of Applied Arts, Art | Sci graduate workshop. June 18.

Workshop, Santa Monica center of the Arts, Barcelona, Spain. October 2.

Workshop, ACM Multimedia conference, Florence, Italy, October 25.

New Media Caucus, CAA Conference, Chicago, Feb 12.


Plenary panel, "Intersections of Art, Education and Technology."

Second International Conference on the Arts in Society, University of Kassel, Germany, Aug 21 – 24.

Conference panel, "State of the Arts"

Berkeley Art Museum / Pacific Film Archive and the UCIRA, UC Berkeley, CA, May 18.

Panel, "Women of Vision" Screening, UCLA Hammer Museum, June 3.

Panel Chair. "Ecology and Ethics of Art | Science Projects." 95th CAA Conference, New York. Feb 17.

Workshop, "Tesla: Visions + Inspirations."

UCLA Art | Sci Center and Lab, California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI), Los Angeles. June 8.


UCIRA State of the Arts conference, Art/Science/Technology panel. May 20.

ARCO '06 ARTE CONTEMPORANEO: Victoria Vesna participates on the panel "The Era of Posthuman Engineering" on Friday, February 10th, within the 4th International Contemporary Art Experts Forum. Feb.

CAA / LEONARDO SESSIONS: Leonardo/ISAST Mentoring Roundtable Panel. February 22.

Workshop, "Thinking Atoms."

UCLA Art | Sci Center and Lab, Los Angeles. Apr 19.


Eco-Tistical Art. CAA, Atlanta, Georgia. February 17th.