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TEDX Chelsea, School of Visual Arts, NY. June 1

Lecture: Water is in the Air symposium. IMERA, Marseille, June 26th

NOW! Visual Culture: Feminism, Technology and Visuality”, NYU, June 2nd

Organized symposium: Brain Storming Turing: celebrating the Alan Turing centennial. UCLA, CNSI, May 25th

Organized symposium: “4th State of Water”. UCLA, CNSI. March 22, 23rd

Plenary speaker: International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society.

Panel: “Dialogues in Art & Architecture, Then, Now and Beyond”, Athenaeum Music & Arts Library in La Jolla, February 9th


Louis D. Beaumont Artist in Residence Lecture, Sam Fox School of the Arts, University of Washington, St. Louis. Feb. 23

Artist lecture, iEAR, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, April 12

Lecture, Takashi Ikegami lab, University of Tokyo, Japan, November 25th

Organized panel: New Generation of Scientists Speak, School of Creative Media, Hong Kong, November 3rd

Artist lecture, Microwave International Festival, Hong Kong, October 29th