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Octopus Mandala New York: Wonder Wheel, Coney Island

OM_NY_2girls OM_NY_main


With Ardele Lister and friends! September 8, 2013

Octopus Mandala Marseille

See pics on flikr:

See pics on flikr:

Margaut Gastard at the Grande Roue in Marseille

Margaur Gastard en La Grande Roue, Marseille

Margaur Gastard en La Grande Roue, Marseille, August 23, 2013

Blue Morph at Musée d”Histoire Naturelle in Marseille extended to January!

Anne Lovell in the Blue Morph Marseille


Anne Lovell immersed herself in the Blue Morph before coming along to the Grande Roue (ferris wheel) at the Prado where we did our first test with the octopus crown!


Octopus Mandala Glow

P Wheel 1Pacific Wheel 3 P Wheel 2Hi all… we are very proud to announce Octopus Mandala Glow (OMG) a public artwork to be premiered on September 28th at Santa Monica’s Glow Festival on the famous Pacific Wheel, created by Victoria Vesna as the Keynote artist, and director of the UCLA Art | Sci center. The vision is to spread the project onto other ferris wheels (OCCUPY YOUR WHEEL), so we can create a global chorus and spread the joy. Check out our website:

Join the OMG movement now by donating the symbolic minimum of $8! Then pass it on to 8 friends!

Go to : …
YOUR HELP will not only make this global project possible, but will also have you directly participating in the creation of the Octopus Mandala. We want to collect Om’s from the peaks of wheels all over the world – people of all religions, languages, and with different “views.”

Blue Morph at the Musée d’Histoire Naturelle, Palais Longchamp

This was probably the most difficult installation to date… But, there is always a flip side to hardship and in this case it was being in the museum for so many days and trouble shooting the software and piece like never before. I also worked on a new ‘haute couture’ hat with a great woman I met here in Marseille — Margot. This is definitely a very french version of the Blue Morph!


hosted first LASER (Leonardo Art Science Rendezvous)!


Context Providers finally going to be published!

Context providers: : negotiating meaning in media arts, edited by Margot Lovejoy, Christiane Paul and myself is being published by Intellect press in the UK. It’s been almost 10 years since we first sat and talked about this!

Nano Lab summer institute

First week of the Nano Lab summer institute is over and it is exciting to see the students changing their minds. The artist/scientist duo teams are very effective and I believe it is an important experience for them too! This weekend students are going to the Getty (hopefully the fire from a few days ago does not stand in the way) and Venice beach. We skipped the museum of Jurassic technologies this year — were told that there are too many of us and it gets disruptive. See:

Roy Ascott Symposium

The Influence of Roy Ascott at the Plymouth Art Centre

REMOTE presentation: The Magic of Roy Ascott

My presentation will be in the form of a series of anecdotes starting with the way I first met Roy Ascott at the Venice Biennale in 1986. He became a trusted mentor who I turned to many times while navigating the strange world of academia. Many call him a pioneer in cybernetics and art, but to me, he is a brave soul bringing spirituality into the materialistic environment of Universities, changing the face of education for artists and creative thinkers throughout his career, leading to the Planetary Collegium. Truly a step ahead of the crowd, he is actively changing the paradigm we live in by employing magic that is supported by facts.