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Quantum Tunnels 2003 - 2008

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Now getting ready for Showroom Z + N ° 6: Collaborations

Showroom Z + N ° 6: Collaborations

HOX ZODIAC tasting workshop after the keynote lecture: November 4th.


How is it possible to keep track in a project with 22 participating institutions on four continents? How can what the neurologist in the brain of an actor looks, change the theories of a theater scientist?What recognize a philosopher in one of a chimpanzee painted picture? Transdisciplinary collaboration always result in a concerted effort across artistic and scientific territory and thus the attempt with them to overcome traditional boundaries. Not always a collaboration designed smoothly. Collaborations often mean also confrontations of different methods, work modes or call cultures to bridge calls for a high input of motivation and time.

Arts and Business: Building a Common Ground for Understanding Society.

Claudia Schnugg from Austria was behind this — thanks to her persistence we finally managed to contribute our paper to this book: “Media Art in the Context of Art, Science and the Market: A Historical Perspective”. The book is so expensive ($120), you will have to get it from a library or already be in business making money. My ultimate challenge in life!!! Now I am stuck — got to start making money with art 🙂


Featured artist in Cybernetics & Human Knowing!

CHK journal

Thanks for collaborator and friend Claudia Jacques!

Octopus background video for the Brain Storming

Octopus BrainStorming: Background from Art|Sci Center on Vimeo.

Octopus Brain Storming @ UCLA Luskin center

It was exhilarating to have the Octopus Brain Storm EEG working! After many different iterations that were mostly imagining how it could work, the art science team brain waves coming together created magic! Collaborator, neuroscientist Mark Cohen, and the art sci collecyive made it happen. We performed this at the opening of the new UCLA Luskin conference center for the very first time and it never failed. The sound, the EEG, the octopus crowns all worked. Octopus brainStorming was first performed live first by Anna Dumitiru and Alex May who happened to be here from the UK and this was followed by a second performance was by Patricia Olynyk and Samantha from Mark’s lab. The voice recording by jazz artist Kenton Chen was by solicited by Mark C. All came together magically. Read here the science behind this work!

Octopus BrainStorming: Empathy — Patricia Olynyk and Samantha from Art|Sci Center on Vimeo.


img_7565 img_7563


Bird Song Mimic in Serra sculpture :)

Symrin in Bird Song MImic

Symrin doing the Bird Song Mimic in the Serra sculpture, Broad Art center


Marla Berns (director of the Fowler museum) doing the Bird Song Mimic

Bird Song Diamond Report from EMP

My collaborations are very much related to what I learned from being in a band ages ago. Most of the time I am working with a group taking on different roles and see myself as the lead singer. I compose the songs and think of ways to create environments that amplify the experience for the audience who I want to completely immerse as a performer. BIRD SONG DIAMOND at the Large Space in Tsukuba was a whole different level — so many people were involved that it felt more like I was a conductor and it was a truly magnificent experience. Looking back, from the point when Chuck approached me to participate in his research on Mapping the Acoustic Network of Birds to five years later working with an amazing team from so many disciplines — I learned so much. Most of all, I understand the importance of LISTENING to our environment — from all different perspectives, with all our senses and extending out to the animal world.

Interview on CLOT magazine, London


ART is (speaking portraits) by George Quasha

This book is a result of a decade long project by George Quasha asking creatives “What is Art?”. In his preface, he states: “this is not a book about what art is. It’s a book saying what it is by those who make it — a portrait of emergent discourse.”

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June 25th, Chuck Taylor, Joel Ong and I led a workshop at Governor’s Island that was well attended and received. We started outside on the grass with Joel leading a “tuning in” exersice and then went inside for a short lecture / background of the project from each of our perspectives, to finally give everybody an opportunity to play with the Bird Song Mimic. Now preparing for the next workshop / hands-on demo in New York city at Harvestworks on July 19th.

“Tuning in” – Joel Ong leading the sound meditation

Workshop, Governor's Island, June 25, 2016

Workshop, Governor’s Island, June 25, 2016


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