Articles & Reviews


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Monk’s Visit to Nott Memorial Source

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MEDIA reviews/interviews

Denegri, Dobrila. Arshake. Four part interview special online edition:
Octopus Mandala Glow prime time TV coverage:
Nighttime Art Festival Lights Up Santa Monica
Santa Monica Glow Festival Draws Crowd of 150k
Glow 2013 Santa Monica
Glow Nine Octopus Mandala

2009 / 2010:
Studio 360
REMIX, AX-Sirius satellite radio KFAI's "Listening Lounge" in Minneapolis/St. Paul at: Source
“Den Sjungande Jastcellen,” Claes Andreasson, Swedish NPR, Feb 2. Source

NewsHour with Jim Lehrer
KNBC (Dec 27) Interview by Jeffrey Brown; Good Day LA Weekend; KCRW-FM (Dec 30)
Positive review by Edward Goldman on program "Art Talk"; National
(Dec 5) Stefan Lovgren wrote full feature for the web site; Beverly Hills Outlook website; AOL City Guide: Review by Sara Cody; Brentwood Magazine OnLine; La Opinion website; AOL Digital City: Running several spots on the "nano at nite" event; GoCityKids: spotlighting the "nano at nite" event.