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Saturday, 9 Feb 2008

John Klima – Earth

John Klima - Earth
EARTH, a unique geo-spatial visualization system, culls real-time data from the Internet and accurately positions it onto a three-dimensional model of the Earth.

The EARTH software accurately positions real-time data culled from the Internet on a three-dimensional model of the Earth. Viewers are able to travel from layer to layer by zooming in and retrieving imagery and data for specific regions. From the outer to the inner layer, viewers encounter:

  • a detailed, three-dimensional outline of the earth’s coasts, based on United States Geological Survey data.
  • a spherical mapping of GOES-10 weather satellite imagery.
  • LANDSAT-7 satellite imagery of the earth’s surface.
  • topographical maps created from digital elevation data provided by the military mapping agency.
  • a local view of the earth’s terrain (the terrain geometry and textures are generated dynamically from raw data files available from a US military Web site). Here, viewers can “fly” through a five-degree by five-degree patch of the earth’s terrain.
  • the current local weather conditions on the terrain patch — a visual interpretation of weather from more than 6000 weather reporting stations world-wide. Weather stations are identified by a red line and their location. Visibility is translated into density of fog, while temperature influences the color of the fog (blue=cold; red=warm).
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