Virtual Concrete 1995 (Personal Project)

Virtual Concrete is one of the first interactive installations that combines the physical space with the Internet that was a response to the so much talk separating these spaces. My intent was to create a piece that connects the virtual and the concrete, and I searched for a definition of habeas corpus that was philosophical key to the debate about cyberspace and censorship. Habeas corpus signifies the need for physical evidence in order to have a case; when activities are transferred into an intangible realm, the ground becomes shaky. The installation consisted of six 3-ft slabs of concrete covered with large electrostatic (digital output) prints, along with light sensors and a computer connected to the Internet via a CU-SeeMe camera. On the Internet, I established a Virtual Concrete website to allow viewers from around the world to see the visitors/participants who walked on the concrete.


  • Online Festival (Web), FIVA ONLINE 95, Montreal, Canada, October 9th – December 1st, 1995
  • Networked Installation, “Veered Science,” Huntington Beach Art Center, Huntington Beach, CA, July 1st – September 4th, 1995
  • Network Installation, The Transformative Object, Channing Peake Gallery, Santa Barbara County Administration Building, Santa Barbara, CA, 1995

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