Datamining Bodies 2000 (Personal Project)

The project takes on two forms -- the installation in an old mine in Dortmund: Zeche Zollem II / IV and the online version. experiential with sound-taking on an important role. Spatialized sound is triggered by movement through the physical space and by interacting with the projected tensile structures. The navigation of the fluidom fabric is limited to viewing the data hidden in the topology as one is timed and mining path traced. The tracing of the audience in space constant while new data (sounds, digital video and stills) being ingested by the "body" while in the renovated mine space. Online, people will be able to create their own databody composed of tensile shapes they choose and assemble. The databodies will grow and develop autonomously. The installation is minimal: one large trackball and a dual project screen.

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  • Zeche Zollem II / IV, Vision Ruhr, Dortmund, Germany, 2000

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