Sound + Science symposium opens

This morning the Sound + Science symposium opened — organized by Tyler Adams and wholeheartedly sponsored by the Art | Sci center.

For the opening introduction, after a very brief introduction of self and the center, I simply read out the names / disciplines of people participating. What else is there to say? This is such an inspiring mix — I plan to park myself here for the entire time and listen!

– UCLA – Department of Physiological Science and Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

– UCLA – Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

– UC San Diego – Department of Visual Arts

– UC Berkeley – Space Physics Research Group

– UC San Diego – Department of Music

– UC Santa Barbara – Department of Media Art and Technology

– UC San Diego – Department of Psychology

– UCLA – Department of Physics

– UC Santa Barbara – Department of Geography

– UC Davis – Department of Psychology and Center for Mind and Brain

– University of New Mexico – College of Fine Art and School of Engineering

– UC Davis Department of Physics and Director of The Complexity Science Center

– Center for Visual Music, Los Angeles

– UC Davis – Technocultural Studies

– University of Texas at Austin – Butler School of Music

– UC Riverside – Department of Music

– UC Riverside – Department of Music