UC DARnet exhibition

Christiane Paul once again worked with me on helping negotiate the UC faculty terrain. Two years ago, she did a marvelous job with the opening of the Broad Arts exhibition of Design | Media Arts faculty. She named it Second Natures and Simon Johnson designed a beautiful catalog that I am still proud to give out. This exhibition marked the end of my tenure as Chair after seven years. Almost all faculty was recruited during this time and we moved back into the building that was renovated by Richard Meier. It was an end of a cycle for me, a real feeling of completion and achievement. And, now, she is again helping create closure with the UC DARnet exhibition at the Beall gallery, UCI, with satellite exhibitions at UCSB, UCSD and UCLA. It’s been 13 years since we first discussed the idea and I probably hung in there the longest being at the beginning of the idea and the director for the past 3 years. This is the end of UC DARnet as we know it.Funny that it opened on my daughter’s 18th birthday — another feeling of completion of sorts. See:¬†http://ucdarnet.org/scalablerelations