GlobArt Talk at the Natural History Museum, Vienna

I am speaking at the GlobArt Talk TODAY at 6:30 PM at the Natural History Museum in Vienna! The discussion is curated by astronomer and artist Ulrike Kuchner.
If you are in Vienna, come by!

Some of the questions I will be answering: What can a really productive rapprochement between art and science look like? How can interdisciplinary communication processes become critical reflection and learning processes? When does superficial similarity show a deep relationship? Are there analogies that are interesting but little followed? What conditions must be fulfilled for a productive dialogue between scientists and artists to get going?


Ars Electronica Linz 2018

Ars Electronica Linz / #Transfashional
*Keynotes: Dobrila Denegri (, Camille Baker (
*Discussion: Maria Dada (Digital Anthropology Lab London, University of the Arts), Dr. Andreas Spiegl (Academy of fine Arts Vienna)
*Moderation: Christiane Luible-Bär (F&T, University of Art and Design Linz), Wally Salner (ACfFR)
Austrian Center for Fashion Research (ACfFR) and Fashion & Technology, University of Art and Design Linz /




Preparation for Noise Aquarium Installation at Paseo

Short visit with Agnes Chavez @ Paseo project in Taos (used to be a police station

Visiting Taos to work with local designer builder, David Vedoe, on the interactive platform for my installation. The platform will be fabricated in Taos and the interactive installation will fill the large amphitheater of the Space Cloud pavilion in Kit Carson Park.

Check out it out on the Paseo website