December LASER – Stealth Drones

Please join us for our monthly Exhibition + LASER: Stealth Drones Stealth Drones is comprised of seven embroidery hoops hung in formation. Each hoop contains fractal patterns and ornamentation embroidered in white thread. The hoops are presented on a black velvet backdrop. At regular intervals UV lights are activated in the exhibition space. The embroideries react to the UV light and reveal a new type of information. Once the regular room lights are turned back on, this information disappears.

Talk “Art in the Time of Climate Change” at the Laguna Art Museum

Gave a talk with Jim about art and science collaborations in times of climate change at the Laguna Art Museum.

Art in a Time of Climate Change

Professor Victoria Vesna in conversation with Professor James K. Gimzewski.

Victoria Vesna will talk about her recent work that addresses disappearance of animal species and noise pollution. She will also introduce “What’s Next,” a recent book by Linda Weintraub that highlights work of artists moving into eco-materialism and working closely with nature and natural systems. Nanoscientist James Gimzewski, who teaches environmental chemistry, will talk about art/science collaborations and explain why it is important for scientists to work with artists, especially in relation to climate change.

LASER Insights

LASER last night was all about space! Presentations by artists Nina Waisman, Richelle Gribble, physicist David Lowe, geologist and director of Natural History Museum Vienna, featured artist Dona Jalufka. If you missed it, we will post to our site soon and notify all!