MORPHO NANO catalog finally published!

OK, this one is a record — the exhibition was in 2012 and it was finally in print this year! David Familian and I would make changes / edits and then both get swamped with our respective chaos. This was repeated many times and the designer basically gave up after a certain point. So, we did what everyone should do in order to finalize a project — set a hard deadline — we announced a book launch / signing at CNSI and — voila — here it is!

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 8.44.40 PM

You can read the e-book on this site or buy a hard copy on amazon — really inexpensive ($11.69)!

Click on the image of cover for the flipbook or go to amazon to buy a copy (pays only for cost – no one is making a profit on this one!)

Presenting Bird Song Diamond at IPAM today!


I was under the impression that I was giving a short talk and somehow saw myself on schedule giving a 2 hour tutorial. Went along with this as I was in the middle of preparing my class lecture Math & Art – this offered me a way to be in the midst of the subject. The audience was really helpful with their comments and questions — really enjoyed meeting some new people too! Unfortunately I missed Lev’s presentation the day after — had to drive out to Santa Barbara for the Moxi museum pre-opening…


Hox Zodiac at the Slater Museum of Natural History, University of Puget Sound

This was a great space to host Hox Zodiac and the director, Peter Wimberger, was so generous with the artifacts and giving us the space and help! People are real foodies in Seattle area so we had some amazing dishes and drinks too — many will be added to the Hox cookbook! See more pics from the event.

IMG_0382 IMG_0388 IMG_0409

IMG_0465 IMG_0458IMG_0461 IMG_0497

Demo: Bird Song Diamond mobile @ AROB (January 21, 2016)

Room A

Chair: Takashi Ikegami
Co-Chair: Charles Taylor
  • OS2-1 Art at the edge of chaos: Life, Art, Swords and Japanese Textile
  • Amy Taylor
  • OS2-2 Automated Evolutionary Production of Audio-Visual Pieces — Can we call it Art?
  • Tasuo Unemi
  • OS2-3 The Art and Science of Artificial Life
  • Victoria Vesna, Takashi Ikegami
  • OS2-4 BIRD SONG DIAMOND: Call and Response and Phase Transition work
  • Aisen Chacin, Maša Jazbec, Itsuki Doi, Mizuki Oka et al.

Panel at Takamatsu media arts festival

Takamatsu Media Arts festival held in Tamamo Park Pavilion directed by Naohiro Ukawa who was born there. I was invited to join by Hideo Ogawa who was presenting 3 past Ars Electronica Prix winners (Stelarc, Alex Verhaest and Nelo Akamatsu and I was respondent on a panel with them. It was so much fun! All was being streamed live and very professionally by Ukawa’s team that was also an amazing discovery – Dommune!

IMG_6801 IMG_6800 IMG_6799


Probably no better way to get in touch with the Japanese media arts and connect with friends new and old. Gil Kuno gave a performance along with Yamakawa Fuyuki performing. Made me think of Alan Vega (Suicide days), Yoko Ono (early days) + Iggy Pop – exciting!

Takamatsu_dinner Takamatsu_w_Stelarc&Alex

And to find out that Stelarc is afraid of dentists!!! 🙂