My brother watches Bloomberg TV and he texted me — I just saw you on an ad for Hyundai. I asked for the link and then saw that the interview from a couple of months ago got edited and published. It is the Art & Technology program that turned down my funding applications… Enjoyed meeting Jonathan Keats and it’s a nice edit / promo of my work — even if people who do not know the art scene think I was in a Hyundai ad he he

S.T.E.A.M. reconfigured pedagogy

Today I was preparing all day for the special projects class I am teaching this quarter — NanoBioTech + Design and I figured out a way to deliver my lectures by addressing every topic with STEAM reconfigured — Science, Technology, Ecology, Arts + Mindfulness. Engineering and Mathematics are already in Science and Technology. They are replaces with Ecology and Mindfulness. First lecture is on the complexity of the PENCIL

Science – carbon / graphite / graphite

Technology – microscopy / industry

Ecology – impact on the environment

Arts – artist / designers / architects  — examples

Mindfulness – exercise / assignment — draw and write with a pencil all that was addressed.

working on Noise Aquarium version 3.0

Working on two shows — one that should open sometime soon — maybe — at Pratt Manhattan gallery and the next, in May, at the Barbican gallery in London. The pandemic is changing everything and very much influencing how I am approaching the work.

Planktons produce up to 80% of the oxygen we breathe and underwater noise is destroying many species but also impacting the plankton at the bottom of the food chain. We are drwoing in the consumerist noise driven by fossil fuels and plastic…. MORE here

So, ditching the VR glasses and the interactive platform — focus is on the immersive sound, animations and AR. The test I did at the EDA is promising!


New Moon

8 years ago — OCTOPUS MANDALA — at Coney Island, NY

I am pretty sure that the person wearing the octopus crown is Arlene Lister. Today she same over with her dog Nancy who will be staying with us for a couple of weeks. She is off to Canada to visit with her sick mother amidst the omicron wave, extreme climate and general crazy… we need to go back to the source and connect to the Other — the embodied intelligence.


Started 2022 with a 22 minute BREATH Library meditation with Anna Nacher —

Nina Sobell, Linda Cassidy, Susan Quasha, Claire Farago, Biljana Tomić, Roxanne Fischer, Annuradha, Clarissa Riberio, Eli TC, Jim Gimzewski and some new people joined — 21 of us shared our breaths over the networks.

At the end of the event, Clarissa revealed that it was her birthday and she chose to do this with us — I felt touched and honored.