Insomniac write-up of Brainstorming: Synesthesia at SONOS

Live Experiment Explores How Brainwaves React to Music and Color

JAN 20, 2015 / Mary Grace Cerni

The reason two random strangers might be able to befriend each other so easily at a rave may be because they’re both on the same wavelength—literally.


Last week at Los Angeles’ Sonos Studio, UCLA Professor of Neuroscience Mark Cohen and the director of UCLA’s Art | Sci center, Victoria Vesna, presented Brainstorming: Synesthesia, an interactive event that used brainwave-reading headwear to demonstrate the science behind the connection between two people when they’re entrenched in a maelstrom of sound, lights and color. These same conditions exist at many a rave.

Brainstorming: Synesthesia is part of a series of events hosted in conjunction with Sonos’ current exhibit, Sound Affects: Music and Mood. Brainstorming accompanied the exhibit by demonstrating how the combination of music and color affects our ability to connect with one another on a neurological level.

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TechNoBody Panel: 3/19/15 — Pelham Arts center

It’s been almost twenty years since I worked on Bodies INCorporated! Somehow this work has been re-emerging with the exhibition in San Diego and now at Pelham Arts. Most of my dystopian thinking influenced by Deleuze et al had materialized and I started thinking what is next. Bodies Corp 2.0 emerges — we offer the service of copyrighting your third eye — the only thing we have left that is not coopted — our psychic, intuitive powers.