Ushering in 2009 with Good Vibrations

What an amazing way to usher in the new year! THANKS goes to Susan Hopmans who came up with this idea when we visited the desert less then a month ago. At first I was not so excited about creating another whole event, being exhausted from three months of non-stop travel. lecturing and exhibiting. But, I wanted to give back to her for sponsoring the Blue Morph at the Integratron and to Joanne and Nancy who opened their hearts to having this experiment in the dome. So, I decided, we do a small, low-key event but this is not what the universe had in store. Lopsang called and it just so happened that the monks were back from tour and free — it would be good to give back to them too I thought. Now, that the enregy was building, I decided to do the Blue Morph after all, and asked Silvia to extend the Norway wool mad hatter… Joanne and Nancy invited a band to play, Tal offered to DJ and the energy was building… Jim just came back from Japan and we had a couple of nights at Two Bunch as Susan’s guests which was a wonderful way to unwind before all manifested so nicely. New Year’s eve was low key indeed, but January 1 was opened to the public and the place filled to capacity… 

THANKS to the great team that came together: Tal — for overall help and doing a DJ set; Tyler for helping with the Blue Morph and installing a new (untitled)piece; Gil for projecting his work and the nanomandala on the dome; Blanka for photographing and Amy for giving a helping hand; Kim for videotaping.

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