Future of Media Arts, Science & Technology at UCSB

This NSF workshop took place at my old stomping grounds — UCSB. 15 years later we are still talking about virtual and physical, interface design, digital technologies… Giving a talk about the future of media arts and education in a place where I saw so many people from the past was interesting to me. It was great to see Manjunath and Ramesh Jain, Joanne Kuchera-Morin, Curtis Roads… Pamela Jennings who is at Banff now was presenting her research… Loved checking out the Alosphere which was just an idea when I was there… Lots of people from ASU with some really nice projects. George Legrady showed his Stardust piece which was exhibited quite nicely in the gorgeous studio of his. We chatted a bit about the next upcoming satellite exhibition at UCSB and the news we just received from Simon Penny saying he was canceling (last minute). This did not make Christiane Paul too happy…

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