Bird Song Diamond 2012 - Present (Personal Project)

Bird Song Diamond is a five-year NSF funded research project is led by evolutionary biologist Charles Taylor and I am participating together with physicist Takashi Ikegami from Tokyo University. This project has helped me expand my acoustic senses in our daily environment and raised my appreciation of the diversity of patterns of communication in relation to bird species – beyond territorial / mating aspects. Two works emerged out of this collaboration – a mobile installation Bird Song Mimic that challenges the audience to imitate the bird songs and a large fully immersive virtual reality work realized at the Large Space at the University of Tsukuba, Japan under the sponsorship of engineer Hiroo Iwata.



  • September 7-11

    Ars Electronica 8K Deep Space. September 7-11, Linz, Austria source

  • Sept 1-14

    Inteligencija I0_, Magacin gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

  • September 13

    Bird Song Diamond discussion and online meditation with curator Maja Ćirić, Paul Geluso, John Brumley, Jasna Jovićević. View Here

  • 2019

  • November 2 - 27

    5th Art & Science International Exhibition and Symposium, National Museum of China, Beijing

  • Nov 10 - Feb 15

    Spaces of Species, Centro de Cultura Digital, Mexico city. source

  • March 3- May 26

    It Passes Like a Thought – Beall Center for Art & Technology, UC Irvine, CA source

  • 2017

  • September 28

    Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo, Japan source

  • 2016

  • January 21

    Performance: Artificial Life and Robotics (AROB) International conference

  • January 25

    “Bird Song Diamond Japan”, installation – Large Space, Empowerment Informatics Program, University of Tsukuba, Japan.

  • June 25

    Exhibition / workshop (with Joel Ong and Chuck Taylor): "Bird Song Diamond", Harvestworks TEAM Lab Governor's Island, NY. Source

  • July 19th

    Bird Song Mimic: NY > LA bird communication. Harvestworks, Del Ray Lagoon, LA (LA Currents Biennial).

  • September 28

    Bird Song Mimic: UCLA School of the Arts celebration, UCLA Sculpture Garden.

  • 2015

  • July 3rd – September

    Installation: Electronic Arts Festival, Governor’s Island

  • July 8th

    Performance: Times Square

  • 2014

  • July 25-28th

    Installation: UCLA Murphy Sculpture garden

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