Lectures (1992 - 2023)


Lecture: What Science can Do for Art, ENFOLD SciArt conference, Art-Science Institute for Transformative Creativity, Burroughs WellcomeFund, North Carolina, September 21 Source

Keynote: “Fourth State of Water: from micro to macro”, Leonardo LASER Linz - Danube Songs Vol. III, Catarina Reis, Federico Ciriolo, Gebhard Sengmüller, Herwig Turk, Nicholas B. Torretta (Nico), Dr. Paul Thomas, moderated by Christa Sommerer & Fabricio Lamoncha. September 8 Source


Lecture: “An Exploration of Quantum Art with Generated Techniques, PlotChains and the Future of Storytelling”, Los Angeles SIGGRAPH chapter, December 13 Source

Lecture: with James Gimzewski, “NANO: Making the invisible - visible, the inaudible – audible”, Quick Center for the Arts, Fairfield, October 12 Source

Lecture: Lecture: Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art – Deep Ecology in the Cognitive Capitalocene in collaboration with The Brooklyn Rail, NY Source


Keynote lecture: ARTECH21, Aveiro Theater, Portugal October 13-15

Lecture: Patricia Olynyk’s master class – Fantastic Voyage and Scales of Wonder, September 27


Lecture: Suratómica Festival of Creation, discussion with John Ellis, CERN Theoretical Physicist and Omar Rincón, CERN Scholar with a specialty in Machine Learning, October 1

Lecture: Birdsong Diamond, with curator Maja Cirić, Paul Geluso, John Brumley, Jasna Jovićević, Ars Electronica In Kepler’s Gardens, September 13

Lecture: Beyond Festival, ZKM, Special Edition: Climate Change | Symposium: Artists for the Future, July 25

Lecture: Cosmic Labyrinth discussion on the HeART in Technology. Victoria Vesna, Will Cady and Clarissa Ribeiro, July, 29


Art in Times of Climate change, conversation with James Gimzewski. Nov 9th, Laguna Art Museum

Keynote: “We are [Alien] Star Dust: macro micro AI and Life”, 5th Art & Science International Exhibition and Symposium, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

“What Would Leonardo’s Strategies Be for Compelling Action on the Climate Crisis?” in dialogue with Claire Farago, (co-organizer) Leonardo da Vinci: Inventing the Future – Flight, Automata, Art, Anatomy, BIomorphism, October 19, CNSI, UCLA

Keynote: “We are [Alien] Star Dust: macro micro AI and Life”, Tacit Engagement in the Digital Age Conference, June 28th, Cambridge University, UK

Session moderator: Garden the Sky Water symposium, June 14, Cité internationale des arts Paris, France

Presentation: LASER Paris, Roaring World: Noise Aquarium, June 13, Paris, France.

Keynote: “Being in Between”, What is Technology? April 12, University of Oregon

Co-organizer with Angewandte, Vienna: Art Based Research in times of climate and social change, April 4, CNSI, UCLA and Building Bridges Art Exchange gallery, April 4, Los Angeles, CA

Lecture with Gerfried Stocker: “From HACKING to FACT-Checking: Artistic Strategies for the PostFactual Age”, Museum of Modern Art, February 26, New York


Artist talk: Vibrations Matter – Intersections of Art, Technology & Society – November 27, UC Riverside

Keynote: Taboo, Transgression, Transcendence in Art & Science, November 11, Centro Cultural Digital, Mexico city

Keynote: I love life -- Biodiversity and Art symposium, New Mexico History Museum, April 13th

Lecture: University of Washington, Sam Fox School speaker series. March 5th.

Lecture: Alliance of Women in Media Arts and Technology, UC Santa Barbara, February 10th

Artist talk: LA Art Exhibition Dialog, February 12th.

Artist talk: Art, Science & Philosophy: Building the 3rd Culture, October 11, Center for the philosophy of Science, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Artist talk: Vibrations Matter: Being in Between, October 9, Facultade de Bella Artes, University of Lisbon

Keynote: From the Singular to the Collective, FEMmeeting, June 15th, Facultade de Belas Artes, Lisbon, Portugal

Artist talk, CRASSH, June 13, Cambridge University, UK

Artist talk, Biodiversity Heritage Annual Meeting, Museum of Natural History, April 13 Los Angeles

Lecture: Being in Between Two Cultures: Liminality of Art Science Collaborations, March 5, Mildred Lane

Kemper Art Museum, Washington University in St.Louis.

Introduction, Thinking Gender Conference, March 1, UC Los Angeles

Organizer: LASER leader meeting and presentations, February 24, CNSI, UCLA

Lecture: Feminist Climate Change, Alliance of Women in Media Arts and Technology (AWMAT), UCSB

Dialogue: LA Art Show, Modern + Contemporary, Art & Science Collaborations: Being in Between, January 12, LA Convention center


Keynote: Fluid Visualization and Sound Matters: Bridging Art, Science and Visualization, Angewandte Innovation Lab, July 6, Vienna, Austria

Commencement speech: Cranbrook Academy of Art. May 12, Bloomfield hills, Michigan

Lecture: Hybrid Arts: Being in Between. April 29, Center of Communication Science, Montana State University


Keynote lecture: Art Sci Collaborations: Being in Between. Collaborations Symposium, Zürich University of the Arts. November 4th

Ars Electronica Educators Forum, University of Art and Design, Linz. September 8. SOURCE

Ars Electronica – mentor for the Future Innovators Summit (Future Humanity): SOURCE

Lecture (remote) : Cairotronica -- Palace of Arts at the Cairo Opera House, and AUC Tahrir campus in Downtown Cairo, May 3.

Keynote lecture: BioArt/Design: Transdisciplinarity in Art, Science and Creativity Symposium, Nanyang University, Singapore, March 6. SOURCE

Lecture: Being in Between: Path of an art(scien)tist, School of creative Media, Hong Kong, January 16th

Panel: Art & Artificial Life, AROB conference, Beppu, Japan. January 21, 2016. SOURCE


Lecture: Being in Between: Path of an art(scien)tist, Interface Culture, University of Linz, Austria. October 12th

Lecture: Creative Practices Symposium: the Art & Science of Discovery. University of Florida, April 25


Lecture: Art Science Salon, One Year Anniversary, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma Arts Museum, February 20th. Source

Lecture: Mapping the Ephemeral, Information Aesthetics symposium, IHUM, Princeton University, February 6, 7


Art Science Engineering Think Tank: UCIRA, UC San Diego, March 21

Lecture, Water Bodies, Water is in the Air symposium, IMÉRA, Marseille, France


TEDX Chelsea, School of Visual Arts, NY. June 1

Lecture: Leitrim Sculpture Center, July 23.

Lecture: Water is in the Air symposium. IMERA, Marseille, June 26th

NOW! Visual Culture: Feminism, Technology and Visuality”, NYU, June 2nd Source

Plenary speaker: International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society. Source

Bensussen Art Lecture, Argyos Forum, Wilkinson College and Art Department, Chapman University. Source


Louis D. Beaumont Artist in Residence Lecture, Sam Fox School of the Arts, University of Washington, St. Louis. Feb. 23

Artist lecture, iEAR, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, April 12.

Lecture, Takashi Ikegami lab, University of Tokyo, Japan, November 25th

Artist lecture, Microwave International Festival, Hong Kong, October 29th


“Sound+Science: Vibrations of Metamorphosis,” “Uncertain Future, New Media Art & Games 2nd Edition Sound,” China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China. May 23-24.


Lecture – “Blue Morph: Surges of Nanocellular Tranformations,” C-Lab, Amsterdam. Source


Plenary talk with James Gimzewski, MutaMorphosis: Challenging Arts and Sciences International Conference. Prague, Municipal Library, Nov 8 – 10.

Symposium, ‘Grand Text Auto.’ Beall Center for Art and Technology, UCI, Irvine, CA, October 5th

Plenary panel, “Intersections of Art, Education and Technology.” Second International Conference on the Arts in Society, University of Kassel, Germany, Aug 21 – 24.

Artist lecture with James Gimzewski, ‘Nanomandala.’ Aix-Marseille University, Marseille, France, July 24th

Conference panel, “State of the Arts,” Berkeley Art Museum / Pacific Film Archive and the UCIRA, UC Berkeley, CA, May 18.

Panel, "Women of Vision" Screening, UCLA Hammer Museum, June 3.

Artist talk, "Art | Science Collaborations: Between Blue Skies and Sobering Facts," 'Inward Eye' Series, Fromm Institute, San Francisco, May 2.

Plenary talk with David Peat, "(in)tangibles: nanoperception and quantum world," NOW: Meetings in the Present Continuous, Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, Barcelona, Mar 24.

Panel Chair. “Ecology and Ethics of Art | Science Projects.” 95th CAA Conference, New York. Feb 17.

Planetary Collegium. Montreal Summit. April 19-22, 2007.

Chair to review committee: UTD. 2007


Lecture at the UCLA AstroBiology Society Meeting. Nov 29.

Lecture at The 2nd Art and Science International Exhibition and Symposium, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing. Nov 11.

Zero@Wavefunction at The 2nd Art & Science International Exhibition & Symposium, Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. Nov 11 – 25.

Water Bowls at Second Natures, Opening of the Broad Art Center, UCLA. Sep 13 – Oct 26.

Mood Swings at Cyberfem. Espai d'Art Contemporani de Castellóon (EACC),Castellón, Spain. July 7 – Sep 17.

Water Bowls at the 3rd Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition and Symposium. July 21 – 30.

Zero@Wavefunction at the Seeing Gallery Exploratorium San Francisco. Opening June 29.

UCIRA State of the Arts conference, Art/Science/Technology panel. May 20.

THINKING ATOMS: UCLA Art | Sci Center polylogue. Apr 19.

Yahoo! Research Distinguished Lecture Series at Silicon Valley campus. Mar 29.

Information Exchange: UC DARNet Annual System-Wide Gathering. Mar 3 & 4.

ARCO ‘06 ARTE CONTEMPORANEO: Victoria Vesna participates on the panel "The Era of Posthuman Engineering" on Friday, Feb 10, within the 4th International Contemporary Art Experts Forum.

CAA / LEONARDO SESSIONS: Leonardo/ISAST Mentoring Roundtable Panel. Feb 22. “Millennium Dialogue – Code:Blue.” Third Bejing International New Media Arts Exhibitions and Symposiium, Bejing, June 10.


“Eco-Tistical Art.” 93rd CAA, Conference, Atlanta, Georgia. Feb 17.

UCLA Astrobiology Society lecture. Los Angeles, CA. Feb 8.

Artist talk with Jim Gimzewski. "The making of Nano Mandala". Location 1 Gallery. NYC. Jan 26.

Artist talk: School of Visual Arts, New York. Jan 26.

Artist talk: "Ghosts in the Cell". Arts Encounters class with Robert Israel. UCLA. Jan 21.

Media Art Culture (MAC) 2004: Korea. May 3 – 4.

"Cellular Trans_Actions: nanobods". QI and complexity: Consciousness Reframed 2004.

6th International Research conference. Beijing, China. Nov 27.

Artist talk: "Arts Encounters" class with Robert Israel. UCLA. Jan 21.

ARCO Forum: "New Technologies/New Arts." Madrid. Feb 13.

CAA: "Administrators who maintain a significant art practice." Seattle. Feb 19.

Interdisciplinary group discussion, with Jim Gimzewski: IGERT, UCSB. Mar 12.

Artist talk. "We Live in a Molecular World". RISD: Bill Seaman's class. Apr 6.

Lecture: Science & Visualization. IGERT, UCLA. May 27.

Simulation and Other Re-enactments: Modeling the Unseen summit happening: Canada (Banff Centre). Apr 29 – May 2.

Media Art Culture (MAC) 2004: Korea. May 3 – 4.


"Zero@Wavefunction; nano dreams & nightmares” with Dr. James Gimzewski. Visualization Portal, UCLA. Jan 29.

Artist talk, "Arts Encounters" class with Robert Israel. UCLA. Jan 13.

"Database Aesthetics", Information Sciences, UCLA. Elizabeth Cohen's class. Jan 27.

Artist talk. "Contemporary Issues/ Contemporary Practice" class with John Divola. UC Riverside. Feb 25.

"From Bodies to Networks to Nanosystems and Back". Interdisciplinary Talks in the Arts and Humanities at UCLA, Royca Hall. Apr 2.

"From Bodies to Networks to Nanosystems and Back". UC San Diego.

Featured Speaker. "Using text narratives in networked installations" Discovering Digital Dimensions—3-D @ Purdue University. May 24.

Keynote. "The NanoMeme Syndrome". With Jim Gimzewski. Nano All Around Us: NanoExpo. University of Wisconsin, Madison. May 31.

"Technophilia: Lecture Series" Visiting Artists Program. School of the Art Institute ofChicago. IL. Feb 26 – 28.

"Genetics and Culture" SINAPSE Roundtable Discussion. Organizer. EDA, UCLA. Los Angeles, CA. Mar 8.

"The Second International Symposium on Nanoarchetectonics Using Suprainteractions(NASI 2)." Artist Presentation. UCLA International Tom Bradley Hall. Los Angeles, CA. Mar 26 – 28.

"State of the Art" Electronic Literature Organization Symposium. Panel, UCLA, Los Angeles,CA. Apr 4 – 6.

"Entertainment Value Conference". Center for Information Technology and Society. University of California, Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara, CA. May 4.

Keynote. "Teaching in Digital Domain" Forum for BEAP 2002 Biennale for Electronic Arts Perth. John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University of Technology. Aug 9.

"From Bodies to Networks to Nanosystems and Back". Annual Jillian Bradshaw Memorial Lecture for 2002. John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University of Technology. Aug 10.

Artist talk. University of Technology, Sydney. Aug 19.

"What Unifies Art and Science" Closer to the Truth Episode: Rountable Interview. KCET. Telematic Connections. Panel. Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Sep 12.

"Mind Shifting and Future Bodies: From Networks to Nanosystems". Art & Technology Lectures. UC Berkeley. Oct 21.

"Women Beyond Borders: The Art of Building Community". UCSB Art Museum. Fall.


"Los Angeles / Berlin: Myths & Phantoms conference. Co-organizer with Ute Kirschnelle,Goethe Institute. EDA, UC Los Angeles, CA.

"Zero@Wavefunction: nano dreams & nightmares" with Dr. James Gimzewski. ArtSciconference: New Dimensions in Collaboration. CUNY Graduate School, New York.

"Artmedia, from Aesthetic of Communication to Net Art: Artmedia VIII Symposium". Centre Francais du Commerce Exterieur. Paris. France. Nov 29 – Dec 1.


"Virtual Femininity: Dialogues on Body Politics, UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History. Feb 24.

"Telematic Connections" Panel. San Francisco Art Institute. San Francisco, CA. Mar 10.

"Design of Networked Public Spaces". Dept. of Graphic Design. North Carolina State University. Mar 19.

"Bodies of Text, Bodies of Subject: Disturbing Metaphoric Metaphoric Networks in New Media." Center for Women's Studies, UCLA. Apr 24.

"Art and the Network" Panel. Williamson Gallery of Art, Art Center College of Design. Pasadena, CA. May 12.

"notime" Presentation. Salon @ Annenberg, USC. Los Angeles, CA. May 31.

"Information Technologies and the Social Sciences" Workshop Institute for Advanced Study School of Social Science. Princeton, New Jersey. June 8 – 10.

"Extreme Perameters: new dimensions of interactivity". CaiiA-STAR Symposium. L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Monteserrat, France, July 11 – 12.

"Siggraph 2001: Explore Interaction and Digital Images". Conference and Exhibition. Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA. Aug 12 – 17.

"2001 California Digital Arts Workshop and Summit: The Arts and Streaming Media". A Presentation of the film Institute. Los Angeles, CA. Aug 16 – 18.

"cast 01 // Living in Mixed Realities" netzspannung.org Conference. Schloss Birlinghoven, Bonn, Germany. Sep 21 – 22.

"From Networks to Nanosystems 9/11-N2N: Art, Science and Technology in Times of Crisis". UCDARNet Conference. University of California, Los Angeles. Nov 28.

"The Role of Art and Technology in Times of War". S.I.N.A.P.S.E. Symposium UC Campuses. University of California, Los Angeles. Nov 14.


Presentation: Department of Fine Arts, Amherst College, Massachusetts. Nov 9. Artist in Residence Presentation: Walker Art Center. Sep 21.

"The Banff Curatorial Summit." Summit Participant. Banff Centre for the Arts. New Media Institute. Banff, Canada. Aug 22 – 23.

Panel: "Banff Super Conductor: Network Collaborations, Convergent Services, ecommerce, Tactical Media, Filling for Fat Pipes". Banff New Media. Aug 19.

Keynote: "Building a Community of People with No Time". 3rd International Digital Arts & Culture Conference Bergen, Norway. Aug 3.

Workshop: Setting The Research Priorities For Studies Of Device-Mediated Mobility, EC2 Incubator, University of Southern California. June 21.

Paper: "Building a Community of People with No Time". Monomedia Conference. Berlin, Germany. May 12.

Speaker: "Anticipating Design Science: Towards a Third Culture". The Design Science Forum. The Buckminster Fuller Insitute. July 23.

Presentation: "What is net art?" Association of Art Museum Directors, Brown Palace Hotel, Denver. June 3.

Presentation: Towards a Science of Consciousness conference, Tuscon, Arizona. Apr 10 – 15.

Workshop organized with Roy : "Distributed Self". Towards a Science of Consciousness conference, Tuscon, Arizona. Apr 8.

Presentation; Return to Wonder "Return to Wonder: Rethinking Museum Display in an Age of Didacticism," UCSB.

Presentation, workshop: Symposium on Critical Issues in Net Art, UC Berkeley. Feb 16 – 19.

Presentation: CARTAH, Washington State University. Feb 12.

Organizer: F2F: "New Media Art from Finland". Consulate General of Finland and UCLA Department of Design | Media Arts EDA.


Panel organizer: "The World wide Web and the New Art Marketplace". 87th CAA Annual Conference. Los Angeles. Feb 10 – 13.

Paper: Art and Science Collaborations. Cooper Union. New York. Navigating Intelligence, Senor Artist. The Banff Centre for the Arts, Sept 9 – 12.

Invenção: Thinking the Next Millennium, São Paulo, Brazil. Aug.

Educational New Media: A Strategy Session. Banff Centre for the Arts. Aug 14 – 19.

"UC Digital Arts Research Network." (Group Poster Session). CENIC '99: Achieving Critical Mass for Advanced Applications. Monterey, California. May 6 – 7.

Lecture: Digital Code/ Cultural Patterns. The University of Dallas Texas. Apr.


Paper: "The 2YK Project: Building a Community of People with No Time". Futuros Emergentes Symposium: Art in the Post-Biological Era. Centre Cultural la Beneficencia. Valencia, Spain. Dec 4 – 5.

Panel: "Beyond the Millennium: Redefining the Arts in the 21st Century." The Governor's Conference on the Arts. California Arts Council. Dec 8.

Panel: "Authorship". The UCSB Interdisciplinary Humanities Center. UCSB. Nov. 7.

Panel: "1998 Research Across Disciplines Initiative". Institute for Theoretical Physics, UCSB. Feb 11.

Panel: "1998 Research Across Disciplines Initiative". Institute for Theoretical Physics, UCSB. Feb 11.

Paper: "Networked Art Marketplace: Defining a New Field". New Millennium, New Humanities. Stonybrook, NY. Mar.

Presentation: UCLA, Rebecca Allen's class. Mar.

Presentation: School of Visual Arts, Grahame Weinbren's graduate seminar. Apr.

Co-organizer: UC Digital conference and workshop. UCSD. May.

Presentation: "Bodies as Databases". Computing Culture, UCSD. May.

Presentation: UCSC, Sharon Daniel's undergraduate class in digital media. May.

Presentation: "OPS:MEME: Building Communities of People with no Time". Australian Film Commission Multimedia Conference, Being Connected: The Studio in a Networked Age. Melbourne, Australia. July.

Panel: Dance & Visual Arts. Santa Barbara Museum of Art. July.

Presentation: Cinema Rex. Belgrade Yugoslavia. July 28.

Paper: "Consciousness of Time as Commodity: The Art of Attention Economies". Consciousness Reframed conference. University of Wales, UK. Aug.

Symposium: The Architecture of Consciousness Port Eliot House in St. Germans, Cornwall University of Plymouth's Robbins Conference Centre. Aug 23 – 25

Panel: Comparative Conceptions of Authorship. Interdisciplinary Humanities Center. UCSB. Nov.


Conference: Consciousness Reframed II. University of Wales, Newport. Beyond the Millennium: The Role of the Arts in the 21st Century Speaker: Department of Sociology, UCSB. Jan.

Paper: "Incorporated Avatars: Organizational Contradictions in Cyberspace". Imagina. Prix Pixel-INA. Monte Carlo, Monaco. Feb.

Presentation: "Media Creation: Art/Technology Seminar". Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology. Department of Music, UCSB. Mar 13.

Presentation: Mills College, Oakland. Chris Robbin's class. Mar.

Paper: "History of Art & Computing: Problems in Orgnaization of Logic and Memory". CADE conference, University of Derby, UK. Apr.

Presentation: "Bodies INCorporated". Sensing the Future. ArtHouse, Dublin, Ireland. Apr.

Presentation: University of Maryland, Baltimore. Bill seaman's class. Apr. Department of English. May.

Presentation: UCB. Lecture series on Contemporary art. May.

Presentation: College of Creative Studies, UCSB. Roger Freedman's class. May.

Paper: "Marketplace: Building a World of Agents and Avatars or Information Personae?". University of Wales, UK, Consciousness Reframed conference. July.

Paper: "Avatars on the World Wide Web: Marketing the Descent". Fleshfactor, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria. Sep. and at the International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA) '97, Chicago, IL. Sep.

Paper: International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA) '97, Chicago, IL. Sep. Presentation: Dept. of Psychology, UCSB. Oct.

Event: Global Bodies. Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM) Mediemusuem opening. Online participant via CU-See Me. Oct.

Panel: Cross Genres, Collaborations and Unexpected Presentations. Actor's Gang. Los Angeles. Nov.

Presentation: "History of Art & Computing". CHCI conference: Visualizing Culture. Nov. Speaker: "CAiiA show & Tell Plymouth". CAiiA. University of Wales College, Newport. Dec 4.


Paper: "Pedagogy in the Land of the Lost Paradigm" From Medieval Manuscript to CD-ROM. UCSB. Feb.

Presentation: "Terminal Identity: the Artist" Terminals: the Cultural Production of Death. UCSB. Mar.

Panel: "Nurturing the Imagination: Nation under Siege". Santa Barbara City College. June. Keynote: " Under Re-Construction: Bodies INCorporated". Veiled Histories. San Francisco Art Institute. July.

"Online Public spaces: epistemological explorations of site". CAiiA. University of Wales College, Newport. July 23.

Artist Talk: "Bodies (c) INCorporated". Mary Craig Auditorium. Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Aug 17.

Poster: "Bodies INCorporated". International Symposium on Electronic Arts, ISEA. Sep. Panel: "Artists Teaching Artists". ISEA '96. Sep.

Organizer/Presenter: "Webbed Spaces -Between Exhibition and Networks". Co-organized with Perry Hoberman. SIGGRAPH '96. Aug. and at ISEA '96. Sep.

Panel: "Are Our Disciplines Still Relevant?" Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, UCSB. Oct 10.

Presentation: "Bodies INCorporated". Diverse Works and Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, TX. Nov.

Panel: "Art-Technology: Whose Art is it going to be?" Villa Aurora, Pacific Palisades. Dec 10.

"Life in the Universe". Workshop in Research Linking the Sciences and the Humanities. Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, UCSB. Dec 11.


Presentation: "Virtual Concrete". American Film Institute. Digi Days. LA Freewaves. LA. Panel: "New Art, New Tools". FAR. Los Angeles.

Panel: "So What is so Revolutionary about the Digital Revolution?" LACMA. Los Angeles. Poster: "Virtual Concrete". International Synposium on Electronic Arts, ISEA ‘95. Montreal, Canada.

Panel: "Gender, What Problem?". ISEA '95. Montreal, Canada.

Presentation: "History of Art & Computing ". Dept. of History of Art & Architecture. UCSB.

Paper: "Interface Design and Interactive Structure". Digital Input and Output. Digi-Debate. American Film Institute, Los Angeles, CA.

Presentation: "Artist & Activist CD-ROM Conference". Freewaves. USC.

Presentation: "Remember Yugoslavia". Sherry Frumkin Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA.

Paper: "Art Without Borders: World-Building in the Electronic Environment". co-organized with Robert Nideffer. 21st Annual Conference on Social Theory, Politics & the Arts. UCSB.


Panel: Digital Dialogues. Art Center, Los Angeles, CA.

Presentation: "Rambona". Gender and Public Space. International Sculpture Conference. San Francisco, CA.

Paper: "The Wild West and the Frontier of Cyberspace". International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA)'94. Helsinki, Finland.

Presentation: East meets West: Sources of Computer Arts within the Context of Cultural Traditions. International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA)'94. St. Petersburg, Russia.


Presentation: Long Beach Museum of Art, CA.

Organizer: International Painting Interactive. SIGGRAPH '92 Art Exhibit, Chicago, ILL.