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NANO 2004

BLUE MORPH 2007 - Present

BRAINSTORMING 2015 - Present

NOISE AQUARIUM 2016 - Present

Water Bowls 2006 - Present

Quantum Tunnels 2003 - 2008

Hox Zodiac 2009 - Present

Mood Swings 2005 - 2007

Water Bodies 2006 - Present


Video Reels

Noise Aquarium premieres in Brisbaine!

These are the first photos we just received of the first version of Noise Aquarium from June at Brisbaine Technical University and – how exciting! Martina and Alfred Vend are here from Vienna to work on the project for just a few days only so this is such a boost!

Visiting the Pula Aquarium site

Could not be a better location for the Noise Aquarium and it turns out that they were just setting up the Plankton exhibition. The director was excited about the idea and I had a great tour and am looking forward to working in Pula!


Bird Song Mimic Jury selection: Japan Media Arts festival

Bird Song Mimic will be at the Japan Media Arts festival at the same time that Bird Song Diamond is at Ars Electronica’s Deep Space! East West bird communication has to be established! ­čÖé

Bodies INCorporated (1996) revived / archived by Rhizome!

20+ years later — as Bodies INC 2.0 is on show at the Beall gallery and in development, the old VRML version is revived by Rhizome with an emulator!


Bodies Corp 2.0 launches at the Beall gallery


Presenting in the Bodies of Knowledge conference, Friday, December 9th

Simon Penny is organizing this conference and┬áhas some amazing people lined up. Takashi Ikegani was going to fly out from Japan to co-present but unfortunately is unable to due to his father’s illness… The program is linked to the poster below.




HOX ZODIAC at the Fowler museum

After 8 years of work on this project — feels like it is finally taking a wonderful form. Siddharth flew in from Seattle and we worked together on the book and the kickstarter — soon to be up and running. The idea was to have the book and kickstarter ready for this event at the Fowler museum but it took all our energies to pull it together as we were really pushing the possibilities — we had 60 amazing people join the dinner. Since it was held at the museum, we were not able to have our participants bring their food offerings and were super lucky to have Hsin Yu’s mother prepare the feast. Being Taiwanese she really understood the complexity and was excited to work with me closely on the menu based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Western interpretations of both.


Siddharth (sheep) overlooking the set-up and placement…


Aleksa Mara (horse) sharing her experience with horses…


Marla Berns, director of the Fowler museum speaking about the wonderful exhibition of Cuban printmaker Belkis Ay├│n.


Mick Lorusso speaking about


Lerah and Siddarth (sheeps) sharing their dishes.

HOX ZODIAC WORKSHOP at the Z├╝rich University of the Arts (ZHdK)

I was prepared to do an actual workshop that would last half a day but was told that it would be 90 minutes and no more. This was a challenge so I decided to buy the food and do one round of the audience serving. Amazingly, we had 12 people and 3 were snakes, 3 rabbits and 3 pigs (incuding yours truly:). This was a good test how to do a fast session — it was TASTING not lunch or dinner! People certainly got the idea and many were asking how we may plan the real dinner sometime in the future.







More photos from the workshop

LASER Z├╝rich

While getting ready to fly to Z├╝rich, I I sent an email to my dear friend Jill Scott that I will be in her city soon. As it happened, she was organizing the LASER with Boris and roped me in ­čÖé

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Keynote lecture


I am getting ready for a keynote talk for the “Showroom Z +: collaborations between art and science” conference at the┬áZurich University for the Arts.

Here is the short abstract of the talk: Brain Storming: Molecules, Butterflies, Animals and Birds

Using the metaphor of the diamond reflecting different sides of the same idea, problem or environment, I will show how long term collaborations with nanoscientist James Gimzewski, neuroscientists Siddharth Ramakrishnan and Mark Cohen and evolutionary biologist Charles Taylor influence our perception and experience of the world around us. The talk will highlight why it is important for scientists to work with artists.

Showroom Z + N ┬░ 6

4. November 2016: Showroom Z + N ° 6:  Collaborations

Flyer (download pdf)

Victoria Vesna (University of California LA) on Fri 11/04/2016 visited the showroom Z + N ┬░ 6 ┬źcollaborations┬╗.

9:30: Lecture “Brain Storming: Molecules, Butterflies, Animals and Birds┬╗ —┬áLecture Hall 1, Level 3

13:30 : Workshop “Performing the Self Animal / Ingesting Cultural Hybridity: Hox Zodiac Dinner┬╗┬áspace 6.K02



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