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Video Reels

Setting up NanoMandala at Gerald Peters gallery, Santa Fe

Inventory of Light — opens March 27th, 5:30pm


Insomniac write-up of Brainstorming: Synesthesia at SONOS

Live Experiment Explores How Brainwaves React to Music and Color

JAN 20, 2015 / Mary Grace Cerni

The reason two random strangers might be able to befriend each other so easily at a rave may be because they’re both on the same wavelength—literally.


Last week at Los Angeles’ Sonos Studio, UCLA Professor of Neuroscience Mark Cohen and the director of UCLA’s Art | Sci center, Victoria Vesna, presented Brainstorming: Synesthesia, an interactive event that used brainwave-reading headwear to demonstrate the science behind the connection between two people when they’re entrenched in a maelstrom of sound, lights and color. These same conditions exist at many a rave.

Brainstorming: Synesthesia is part of a series of events hosted in conjunction with Sonos’ current exhibit, Sound Affects: Music and Mood. Brainstorming accompanied the exhibit by demonstrating how the combination of music and color affects our ability to connect with one another on a neurological level.

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TechNoBody Panel: 3/19/15 — Pelham Arts center

It’s been almost twenty years since I worked on Bodies INCorporated! Somehow this work has been re-emerging with the exhibition in San Diego and now at Pelham Arts. Most of my dystopian thinking influenced by Deleuze et al had materialized and I started thinking what is next. Bodies Corp 2.0 emerges — we offer the service of copyrighting your third eye — the only thing we have left that is not coopted — our psychic, intuitive powers.

Getting ready for the Brainstorming Octopus: Synesthesia 1/14 @ SONOS

INVITE_Sonos_Studio_Jan_Brain Storm_v3

Art Sci retreat @ the Bermant foundation ranch in Santa Ynez, CA.

A few of Art Sci team made it to the retreat and we had so much fun! Mick Lorusso with his fiancee Frida (whose birthday we celebrated), Mary Tsang (who edited this video), Theresa (graphics), Ben Ward (web) and Marissa (my assistant) — both of whom made a full circle flips on the trampoline! The video was shot by Jim Gimzewski with his new parrot drone! Our agenda: cook, eat, hang out and think about how we are going to celebrate 10 years of Art Sci!

HOX Zodiac beta dinner @ UCLA Art Sci center

On Dec. 4th, Siddharth and I hosted our first Hox Zodiac “dinner” with food and it was a blast! Daily Bruin covered it beforehand which was great since we did not have time to advertise! Here are some pics and more are on my flikr.



IMG_0016 IMG_0018


Octopus Mandala New York: Wonder Wheel, Coney Island

OM_NY_2girls OM_NY_main


With Ardele Lister and friends! September 8, 2013

Octopus Mandala Marseille

See pics on flikr:

See pics on flikr:

Margaut Gastard at the Grande Roue in Marseille

Margaur Gastard en La Grande Roue, Marseille

Margaur Gastard en La Grande Roue, Marseille, August 23, 2013

Blue Morph at Musée d”Histoire Naturelle in Marseille extended to January!

Anne Lovell in the Blue Morph Marseille


Anne Lovell immersed herself in the Blue Morph before coming along to the Grande Roue (ferris wheel) at the Prado where we did our first test with the octopus crown!